Admissions Process

Guideline and Description of the Four Step Admission Cycle Process


Step 1: Applications Received & Evaluated for Completeness (July to the end of October)

  • Upon the posted deadline dates, incomplete VMCAS applications and/or Supplemental Applications will result in the candidate being denied.

Step 2: Academic and File Review (October to February)

  • Applications are reviewed for the candidate’s academic and non-academic qualities. The non-academic qualities include: Veterinary Experience, Letters of Recommendation, Personal Statement, Activities, Community Service, and Work Record.
  • Based upon the combined strength of all qualities a determination will be made to: interview the applicant, place an interview offer on hold, or deny the application. Applicants whose interview has been placed on hold will receive a decision (interview granted or application denied) November to February.
  • Candidates who do not show a clear plan on how they plan to complete all pre-requisite courses prior to matriculation will be denied.

Step 3: Interviews (October through March)

  • Interviews for the 2014-15 Admission Cycle are scheduled on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday from 8AM to 4PM (no interviews from 12PM to 1PM).
  • Candidates are contacted via E-Mail that they have been chosen for an interview
  • Applicants are given a number of dates/times to choose from in order to schedule the interview
  • Once an interview date and time has been scheduled the student receives confirmation of the appointment and a variety of information that includes:  a map of the campus, nearby hotels (and discount information), directions from Knoxville Airport, and school arrival instructions (what door to enter, checking in at the front desk, obtaining a parking permit, and location of the interview).
  • Interviews are scheduled to ensure that students have time to participate in a tour of the LMU-CVM campus (offered at noon daily).
  • Applicants will be interviewed by a two person Admission team. The interview will seek to assess the applicant’s experience/knowledge/awareness of the Veterinary profession, communication skills, life experiences, dedication, ethics, and unique qualities that will be important to the profession/LMU-CVM.

Step 4: Decisions (March-April 14th)

  • Applicants, based upon their overall Academic, File Review, and Interview Score total, will be offered a seat in the LMU-CVM class.
  • Per AAVMC policy, applicants are not required to make any admissions decisions until April 15th.
  • Competitive applicants, not offered a seat, will remain in the alternate pool. Applicants in the alternate pool will receive, in ranked order and upon availability, an offer of a seat April to August.
  • Non-Competitive applicants (based upon the total applicant pool) will be denied a seat.
  • In rare instances, an applicant may be offered a seat in the class prior to March.