Admissions Process

Curious to know what happens with your application after it has been submitted? The process below describes how applicants are reviewed and considered for admission into the LMU-CVM Class of 2021.

Step 1: Applications Received & Evaluated for Completeness

After the September 15th deadline,  incomplete applications will result in an automatic withdrawal from the admissions cycle.


Step 2: Application Review

The Office of Student Services and Admission conducts a thorough and holistic review of every complete application. Applicants must meet the minimum requirements in order to be considered for an interview. However, meeting the minimum requirements does not guarantee an interview. Academic reviews will take place from May to February, or until all qualified applications have been reviewed.

Application will be reviewed using the following benchmarks:

  • Overall grade point average (GPA), Science GPA, GPA in last 2 years of full time study
  • Score on the Graduate Record Examination (GRE)
  • Leadership skills evidenced by participation in student government or holding office in student clubs and organizations that foster development of communication, collaboration and adaptability.
  • Well-rounded life that demonstrates a judicious balance of academic achievement, community service, and personal interests
  • Experience, knowledge and commitment to the veterinary profession.
  • Written communication skills as seen in a personal statement
  • Letters of recommendation
  • Completion of pre-requisite courses
    • Pre-requisite courses may be in process or planned but candidates who do not show a clear plan on how they plan to complete all pre-requisite will be denied.

As a not-for profit private university LMU-CVM does not differentiate student applicants based on in-state (Tennessee) and out-of-state residency.

Based upon the combined strength of all qualities a determination will be made to:

  • Interview the applicant,
  • Place an interview offer on hold, or
  • Deny the application.

Applicants will be notified via email regarding any changes to their application status. Applicants placed on hold may receive an interview invitation later in the admission cycle.


Step 3: Interviews

Applicants will be invited for an interview day via email.

The interview days consist of (in no particular order):

  • LMU-CVM Program and Curriculum Overview
  • Tour of the DeBusk Veterinary Teaching Center
  • Q&A session with current LMU-CVM Students
  • Individual interview
  • Lunch with current students, faculty, and administration

Applicants will be interviewed by a two person admission team. The interview will seek to assess the applicant’s experience/knowledge/awareness of the veterinary profession, communication skills, life experiences, dedication, ethics, and unique qualities that will be important to the profession/LMU-CVM.

All interviews are held on the LMU-CVM Virginia campus in Ewing, VA. Applicants are required to obtain their own transportation from the airport to their interview and back. Additional details regarding travel and hotel information will be sent via email with every interview confirmation.


Step 4: Decisions

The Admissions Committee makes admissions decisions are based on the totality of the applicant’s file including the application review and interview evaluation.

While most admissions decisions will be sent out in March, in some instances applicants may hear from the LMU-CVM Admissions Committee earlier. The Admissions Committee decision will be one of the following:

Accepted: Per AAVMC policy, accepted applicants have until April 17, 2017 to notify schools of their admissions decision.

Waitlist: Competitive applicants not offered a seat will remain on the waitlist. Applicants on the waitlist may receive, upon availability, an offer of acceptance April to August.

Deny: Non-competitive applicants, based upon the total applicant pool, will be denied a seat.