Candidate Selection for Interviews

The Admissions Committee conducts a thorough and holistic review of the submitted application materials for every applicant.  Applicants must meet the minimum requirements (link) in order to be considered for an interview.  Applications not completed by the published deadlines will not be considered (link)

The review includes the following benchmarks:

  1. Overall grade point average (GPA), Science GPA, GPA in last 2 years of full time study
  2. Score on the Graduate Record Examination
  3. Track record of academic progress and success in a program of study that balanced school, work, and family commitments
  4. Leadership skills evidenced by participation in student government or holding office in student clubs and organizations that foster development of communication, collaboration and adaptability.
  5. Well-rounded life that demonstrates a judicious balance of academic achievement, community service, and personal interests
  6. Experience, knowledge and commitment to the veterinary profession.
  7. Written communication skills as seen in personal statement
  8. Letters of recommendation from faculty and veterinarians.

Applicants meeting the criteria for academic, professional, personal, and collaborative potential will be invited to an on-campus interview.  As a not-for profit private university LMU-CVM does not differentiate student applicants based on in-state (Tennessee) and out-of-state residency.