Interview Process

All candidates considered for admission to the LMU-CVM class of 2019 will experience the following interview process:

If an applicant is chosen for an interview, they will receive a notification via email.  The interview invitation will include available interview dates. It is important that the applicant responds to this email as soon as possible to ensure a date that best meets their schedule.

  1. Interviews take place on the LMU campus in Harrogate, Tennessee. The interviews are with a 2 member interview team and last roughly 1 hour.  LMU-CVM conducts its interviews in a Holistic Manner and the student’s personal qualities, experiences, and communication skills are evaluated in addition to the application materials.
    1. All interviewees are also scheduled for a campus tour with LMU-CVM Student Ambassadors the day of their interview.
  2. All interviewed applicants will be notified by email of the Admissions Committee’s decision after all of the interviews are completed.  The decision will be one of the following:
    1. The applicant will be offered a seat in the upcoming LMU-CVM class.
    2. The applicant will be an alternate.  Alternates are viewed as competitive students and may be offered a seat in the class if one becomes available.
    3. The applicant will be denied a seat.
  3. For applicants offered a seat in the upcoming LMU-CVM class:
    1. Per AAVMC policy, applicants are not required to make any admissions decisions until April 15th.
    2. To officially accept your seat in the class you will need to complete and return the matriculation paperwork and fee by the April 15th deadline.
      1. LMU-CVM requires that matriculation paperwork and fee be postmarked by April 15th.  If matriculation paperwork and fees are not postmarked by April 15th the applicant will forfeit their seat in the class.
    3. Applicants are able to make a decision at any point prior to April 15th if they desire.
        1. If you make your decision prior to April 15th, we would appreciate it if you would inform us as soon as you make a decision so we can officially add you to our class or offer the seat to another applicant
    4. Optional:  Applicants can sign and return a Student Media Release form which will allow LMU-CVM to use your photo and name in communications such as the Splitter Spots newsletter.
  4. Once applicants have completed the matriculation process, they will be considered official LMU-CVM students and will receive information regarding:
    1. An LMU email address
    2. Financial Aid
    3. Required Health Forms and Vaccinations
  5. For applicants who are alternates for the upcoming LMU-CVM class:
    1. If a seat becomes available in the class, Alternates will be contacted individually by LMU-CVM to offer them a seat.
    2. If the seat is offered prior to April 15th, the applicant will have until April 15th to postmark their matriculation paperwork and fee.
    3. If the seat is offered after April 15th, the applicant will have 72 hours from the time the notification from LMU is sent to postmark their matriculation paperwork and fee.
    4. Seat offers may be made to Alternates up to the start of classes in August.
    5. Once the class is full, any applicants who remain on the Alternate list will be notified.
    6. The rank of the alternate list will remain confidential throughout the entire application cycle.
  6. For applicants who are denied, individual consultations with an Admissions Committee member will be available in order to help strengthen your application for next cycle.
    1. Applicants can contact LMU-CVM starting in March to schedule a consultation

Projected timeline of admissions cycle (subject to change)

October 2, 2014 VMCAS Application due to VMCAS
October 16, 2014 Supplemental application materials due to LMU-CVM
September – November Review of applications and interview invitations sent
October – February Interviews
February (after final interview) Applicants notified of Admissions Decision
March Individual consultations available for applicants who want to strength their application for next cycle
April 15, 2015 Last day to postmark Matriculation Paperwork and Fee to confirm seat in class
April – August Alternates contacted based on seat availability