Cost of Attendance Budget

Estimated Cost of Attendance Budget

Tuition $ 40,241.00
Fees $      80.00
Books and Supplies $ 3,000.00
Insurance* $ 4,006.80
Room & Board $ 7,492.50
Personal Expenses $ 5,400.00
Transportation $ 2,520.00
Miscellaneous $ 1,500.00
TOTAL $ 64,240.30

*These figures are subject to change depending on health/dental insurance rates to be released in June.

*Current law mandates that only the student’s expenses can be included in the cost of attendance budget and that budgets may only be for periods of enrollment. All 1st, 2nd, and 3rd year veterinary student budgets are based on a 9 month enrollment period. 4th year veterinary student budgets are based on an 11 month enrollment period. Go to LMU-CVM Cost of Attendance Details (pdf) to see how the individual figures were derived.

Adjustments may be made for dependent child care.